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Praise for ANCHORED

“A lighthearted read that takes you behind the scenes of a real newsroom revealing romance, true friendship, difficult bosses, and naked ambition, Anchored is a light read that will make you wonder about what’s really going on the next time you watch the news!”

– Susie Schnall, author of On Grace and The Balance Project

“TV news generally arrives in your home as a polished presentation; you might not give much thought to how it got there. Brigitte Quinn takes you for a riotous ride behind the news set—the inflated egos, turf protectors, sycophants and self-promoters who join forces with the wise and earnest in building the newscasts that reveal the state of our world.”

– Jon Scott, anchor of Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now”

“Breaking news: Brigitte Quinn’s charming debut is an intriguing look at ambition, commitment, and temptation straight from the anchor’s desk.”

– Andee Reilly, author of Satisfaction